1. Executive Summary

Virtual buildings and land
Monopolon is a GameFi project with a dynamic similar to that of the iconic game ‘Monopoly’. Individual NFTs represent players in ‘board’ where they can move around to earn rewards, join guilds, engage other players in battle (PvP), join guilds, and participate in boss raids and guild wars on a grand scale. Monopolon also has virtual land and infrastructure that players can purchase to build up equity and secure their place in the metaverse.
Inspired by the success of games like Axie infinity and Crabada, Monopolon combines the best of both worlds in a competitive PvP game that benefits from social interaction, while also having a thrilling PvE mode that allows you to hone your skills. Among other components that make Monopolon enthralling are its NFT item-equipment system and DeFi-powered world-building.
Monopolon is meant to become a riveting decentralized environment where the actions of players determine the game’s continuous development through the governance of its Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
Driven by the game’s competitive aspect, the challenges of figuring out the best strategies to win, and the mere fun in social bonding, Monopolon’s aim is to become a flagship experience of the GameFi world, where the players at the top of the leaderboard can earn juicy rewards for their accomplishments in-game.
Monopolon is built on the Binance Smart Chain, which enables it to continue growing and expanding its DeFi features while being part of a respected blockchain ecosystem.